Dept 57 - Security and Crisis Management Department

The department covers work related to military and other crisis situations, and humanitarian aid abroad in response to extraordinary events. It covers normative, methodological and conceptual work...


This department carries out activities entrusted to the Ministry under Act No 240/2000 Coll. and handles tasks during impending or actual crises or other emergencies that have a fundamental impact on the activities of the Ministry or its departmental organisations. It is involved in the creation and evaluation of draft legislation and other relevant documents that fall within the department’s remit. Within the framework of comment procedures it prepares comprehensive opinions for the Ministry on draft legislation relating to the substantive scope of the department’s activities, and in particular issues statements on proposals of the Civil Emergency Planning Committee, the Defence Planning Committee, Central Crisis Staff, the National Security Council, the Government of the Czech Republic, the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate. It ensures the participation and coordinates the activities of ministerial representatives in interdepartmental committees, expert working groups and other of the Czech Republic’s crisis management bodies. It ensures synergy with other units in the preparation of materials for the National Security Council. It draws up special internal ministerial regulations relating to the department’s scope of competence. It establishes the MF Crisis Staff Operational Centre (MF CS) as a crisis management centre to ensure that the Ministry is ready to deal with any crises that might arise. It carries out crisis management supervisory activities within the department. It organises substitute (backup) workplaces for the MF CS and substitute workplaces for the Ministry management. It is in charge of the work of Special Groups 1 and 2 of designated employees of the Ministry and departmental organisations. It is involved in the creation and implementation of aspects of the Czech Republic’s Defence Plan that fall within the Ministry’s remit. It handles activities associated with facilities important for national defence, targets of possible attack and entities and elements of European and national critical infrastructure in the competence of the Ministry and coordinates the activity of departmental organisations in these areas. It carries out tasks and coordinates the participation of the Ministry and departmental organisations in national exercises carried out by crisis management authorities and in EU and NATO international crisis management exercises. It addresses the substantive and financial aspects of budgetary funds provided from the Public Treasury Administration heading. It cooperates with the ASMR on economic measures for states of emergency. It handles and performs tasks relating to the protection of classified information pursuant to Act No 412/2005 Coll. It methodically controls departmental organisations in the protection of classified information. It carries out tasks relating to the protection of classified information following the mandate given by the Minister of Finance. It manages the archive of classified information. It methodically controls, fulfils and checks tasks in the field of fire prevention and health and safety at the Ministry and in departmental organisations. It carries out work safety inspections pursuant to Act No 251/2005 Coll. and supervises safety in the work performed by the Customs Administration of the Czech Republic pursuant to Act No 361/2003 Coll. It investigates occupational accidents and proposes compensation. Within the Ministry it methodically manages, coordinates and checks the implementation of physical (building) security measures. It guards the Ministry’s buildings and the reception service at the Ministry. It methodically manages, coordinates and checks the application of the MF Security Policy. It is responsible for activities associated with “conflicts of interests” pursuant to Act No 159/2006 Coll.


  • 5701 - Crisis Management Unit 
  • 5702 - Security and Protection of Classified Information Unit