Andrej Babiš
Minister of Finance


  • Minister of Finance
Updated 7-2-2014
  • Since 29th January 2014 he was appointed as the Minister of Finance of the Czech Republic

Minister of Finance

Ing. Andrej Babiš


September 2,1954 in Bratislava

  • He graduated from the Business Faculty at Bratislava University of Economics - area Foreign Trade.
Work Experience:
  • He joined in 1978 the foreign trade Company Chemapol Bratislava after graduating from University. In the autumn of 1985 he was sent as a delegate Slovak company Petrimex to Morocco. In 1991 he returned to Petrimex in Bratislava, appointed as Director of the Business Group.
  • In January 1993, he founded with four colleagues Agrofert in Prague. Today it includes more than 250 subsidiaries operating primarily in the areas of agriculture, food and chemistry.
  • Andrej Babis has been the Chairman and CEO of Agrofert till January 2014. Before the appointment as a member of the Government 's statutory function he left. However, he remains as the sole shareholder of Agrofert Group.
  • 29th January 2014 he was appointed Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance.
Political activities:
  • In 2011 he founded the civic association of disgruntled citizens ANO 2011; in May 2012 ANO2011 has been transformed into a political movement. Since August 2012 (Constituent Assembly) Andrej Babis is Chairman of political movement.
  • Andrej Babiš is married, has 4 kids and lives in Průhonice near Prague.