Dept 39 - Administrative Operations Department

The Department carries out administrative proceedings in the field of taxes administrated by the bodies of the Financial Administration of the Czech Republic...


This department it exercises the Ministry’s powers as an administrative body closest to the senior GFD, GDC and other authorities involved in the area of taxes, fees and other monetary fulfilment similar to taxes and fees, unless these powers are not exercised by another unit. It methodically manages the GFD, GDC and other authorities involved in the area of taxes, fees and other similar forms of monetary fulfilment, unless this work is performed by another unit. It coordinates the opinions of financial and customs authorities, if they differ in these matters. It explores fee-related issues, analyses their current status and proposes measures in this area aimed at resolving current issues and streamlining the tax system. Based on the concept for the further development of the tax policy it prepares the state’s fiscal policy in terms of future development trends in fees and transforms it into local, administrative and court fees. It prepares substantive solutions for fee-related changes in tax policy, including evaluation of the impact of regulation and statements of intent. It drafts designs and issues tax forms and templates, penalty tickets and receipts for fines. It issues and distributes revenue stamps.


  • 3901 - Tax Administrative Operations Department
  • 3902 - Customs Tax Administrative Operations Department
  • 3903 - Fees Administrative Operations Department