Dept 24 - Financial Analytical Unit

The department covers work for which the Ministry is responsible under the special legal regulations on measures against the legalisation of the proceeds of crime and financing of terrorism...


This department handles tasks assigned to the Ministry under special legislation for combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism, and from special legislation governing the imposition of international sanctions aimed at preserving and restoring international peace and security, the protection of human rights and the fight against terrorism (“international sanctions”), in response to measures adopted by the UN Security Council and EU institutions. It carries out activities assigned to the Ministry under Act No 104/2013 Coll. It collects and analyses data on suspicious transactions and performs other tasks that arise from these analyses. It carries out conceptual activities within the scope of its competence, prepares comprehensive proposals for developing and shaping the system of measures to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism and for the imposition of international sanctions in the nationwide and international context. Within the scope of its competence it prepares draft laws and implementing regulations, including their harmonisation with EC/EU legislation and the preparation of the Czech Republic positions on drafts of new laws and other EU documents. It is involved in the creation of EC/EU legislation. Within its remit it cooperates with international organisations, with the authorities with the same substantive powers of other states, with central administrative offices and with legal entities. It issues decisions in administrative proceedings pursuant to special legislation and represents the Ministry in administrative court proceedings. It organises training within the scope of its competence.


  • 2401 - Legal and International Cooperation Department 
  • 2402 - Analysis Unit 
  • 2403 - Control Department 
  • 2404 - Data Collection and Processing Unit